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Our Charter

At An Lár TV, we recognise that community TV is an ideal means of fostering freedom of expression and information, the development of culture, and an inclusive society.

This charter identifies the goals and objectives that an Lár TV shares and strives to achieve:

  • Promote the right to communicate and express ideas, assist the free flow of information and opinions, encourage creative expression and contribute to the democratic process and the creation of a pluralist society.

  • Encourage local talent and foster creativity within Ireland.

  • Provide programmes for the benefit, information, entertainment, education and development of our viewers.

  • Be editorially independent of government, commercial and religious institutions and political parties in determining our programme policy.

  • Provide a right of access to minorities and marginalised groups, and promote and protect cultural diversity.

  • Seek to honestly inform our viewers.

  • Broadcast balanced programming that does not cause offence or encourage illegal activities or unethical behaviour.

  • Abide by our code of ethics and conform to legislative requirements.

  • Deploy management, programming and employment practices which oppose discrimination and which are open and accountable to all supporters, staff and stakeholders.

  • Treat everyone as we wish to be treated, with honesty, dignity and respect.